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Abu Dhabi plant puts spotlight on Health & Safety

Abu Dhabi plant puts spotlight on health and safety

Saff at Gyproc’s new US$60 million Abu Dhabi manufacturing plant had Environmental Health and Safety firmly in focus for their EHS day on Thursday 13th October 2011.

Part of a worldwide focus on health and safety by parent company, Saint-Gobain, the EHS day is held annually by all companies in the Group’s Asian delegation and the Middle East team. It is designed to raise awareness of a whole range of environmental and health and safety issues, from First Aid and safe working practices to ways of the reducing environmental impacts of the business, both locally and globally.

The highlight of the day was the launch of a new environmental awareness plan, part of the company’s World Class Manufacturing programme, which will see a number of new projects underway shortly, aimed at further improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing emissions and energy use at the Abu Dhabi plant.

The day also provided an opportunity for EHS specialists from the plant to focus, through role-play activities, on First Aid and damage-related incidents to date, and to discuss plans for future improvements in these areas, which are key to the company’s ongoing business activities.

Joining staff at the plant, who turned out to participate in a range of related activities including tree planting, health checks and vaccination briefings, were two EHS representatives from the government-backed ZonesCorp initiative, the Safety Engineer from National Cement, and external company representatives.

Gyproc Managing Director, Craig Chambers, said, “At Gyproc we see creating a culture of safety and environmental awareness, and a safe working environment for all of our employees as number on business priority. The Environmental Health and Safety day is a great way of reinforcing this message, getting our people involved and having fun at the same time.

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