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Gyproc acoustic boards a big hit with Region’s schools

Building acoustics is playing an increasingly important role in modern schools. Amit Goswami, ceilings specialist at Gyproc Middle East, explains why architects throughout the Region are turning to modern high performance acoustic ceilings to meet demanding requirements.

Gyproc acoustic boards a big hit with Region’s schools

Our schools are changing – not only in terms of design and construction, with high mass design, large open teaching spaces and state-of-the art classrooms now common, but in terms of educational expectations, which are now higher than ever. This puts greater strain on the building fabric to create the right acoustic environment and ambience for children to optimise their learning potential.

The focus here is on specialist acoustic ceilings that reduce reverberation and improve teacher/pupil communication, whilst creating eye-catching interiors to inspire and reinforce a modern approach to education. Gyproc is now leading this development with its Gyptone and Rigitone acoustic ceiling products.

These high performance gypsum-based ceiling boards and tiles have a surface pattern of full depth perforations, which combine with an acoustic felt backing to provide very high levels of sound attenuation and absorption for classrooms, libraries, corridors and related spaces.

At Dubai's new GEMS International Academy, for instance, architects wanted a monolithic, seamless look to ceilings whilst providing a ‘funky’ appearance that would reinforce a non-commercial environment for the children. To ensure that the performance would match appearance, however, a demanding NRC 0.55 acoustic standard was essential. New Rigitone 12-20-35 boards achieved all of the architect’s requirements, whilst achieving the NRC 0.55 performance level without additional insulation.

A similar decision by the Musanada and Abu Dhabi Education Council resulted in the use of Gyptone QUATTRO acoustic ceiling tiles in the latest phase of 6 schools in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The boards enabled just the right level of acoustic absorption to be engineered throughout all classroom, library and auditorium areas, enabling optimum student-teacher communication, whilst enhancing ultra-modern interior design.

Gyproc Rigitone is also providing the solution at Abu Dhabi’s showpiece New York University campus, on Saadiyat Island. To reinforce exceptional levels of acoustic performance throughout, ceilings to state-of-the-art teaching and recreational spaces are being created using high performance Rigitone boards, specially jointed to give the required seamless, monolithic appearance.

And in the latest development, many Gyproc ceiling products are now available with new patented Activ’Air technology to actively improve internal air quality – adding yet another dimension to these exciting ceilings solutions.

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