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Gyproc announces new training programme

Dubai-based building systems manufacturer, Gyproc, has announced a new programme of training courses designed to familiarise dry lining installers and site supervisors with its range of lightweight wall, shaft and ceiling systems.

The 1 and 2-day courses, which build into a complete system-based training programme covering the company’s full range of systems, cover all aspects of best practice installation and finishing techniques for optimum fixing speed and performance.

Gyproc has adopted a flexible approach which enables companies to up-skill their installers in a series of stages, or levels, which can be taken together or individually to suit the company’s work programme. Level one covers the most popular metal stud partition system, GypWall CLASSIC, which is used extensively as a basic partition in a wide range of building types. Level two then covers plasterboard jointing techniques, with levels three and four focussing on the GypLyner UNIVERSAL and IWL and Gyproc MF wall lining and ceiling systems. The final three levels cover the more advanced and specialist systems, including GypWall QUIET acoustic partition and basic and advanced applications of the company’s unique ShaftWall system for vertical and horizontal shafts.

Each trainee’s progress through the programme is carefully logged so that companies can have a record of skill levels throughout their organisation.

As well as the installer training programme, there are also two 1-day modules specifically designed for site supervisors or managers, which include an overview of all of the systems with emphasis on best practice installation and site management and safety, so that they can more effectively supervise the installation process on site.

The new training modules, which are generally delivered at the contractor premises to minimise disruption to the workforce, are managed by Gyproc’s Training Manager, Micheal M. Monaghan, a dry liner with more than 20 years of hands-on and management experience in the industry.

For further details and to obtain a schedule of modules and course content, please visit our website

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