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Gyproc makes wall lining simple with new plasterboard adhesive

Gyproc makes wall lining simple with new plasterboard adhesive

Gyproc has made it easy to create a flawless finish to solid brick, sand and cement, and blockwork backgrounds with the launch of new Gyproc Plasterboard Adhesive.

Gyproc Plasterboard Adhesive is a high performance gypsum-based adhesive specially formulated for bonding a range of plasterboard linings direct to solid backgrounds using the DriLyner BASIC system.

The powder adhesive is simply mixed with clean water and applied direct to the background in a series of vertical dabs. The plasterboard lining is then tapped into position on the dabs to create a perfectly level surface.

The system can be used to level-out uneven backgrounds in new buildings and is ideal for covering up damaged or defaced wall surfaces in refurbishment applications. It has the added advantage of creating a small airspace behind the plasterboard lining that can be used to hide electrical cabling and small service pipes, and also contributes additional airspace resistance to improve the overall thermal performance of the wall structure.

The DriLyner BASIC system provides a cost-effective alternative to metal frame lining systems that is quicker and easier to use. It incorporates a continuous fillet of Gyproc Plasterboard Adhesive around the lining perimeter, which improves building airtightness and reduces sound transmission through gaps and cracks in the wall structure.

New Gyproc Plasterboard Adhesive comes in hardwearing 30kg laminated polypropylene bags and has a typical working time of 100 minutes once mixed, enabling many small jobs to be completed with a single mix.

A data sheet including application, handling and mixing guidance is available to download from the Gyproc website

Gyproc Customer Service Toll free (UAE) 800 497762