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Gyproc protects Sharjah Expo’s Centres plant rooms

Gyproc protects Sharjah Expo’s Centres plant rooms

With regulatory authorities becoming increasingly aware of the importance of fire safety in today’s projects, providing a high level of fire protection to the Sharjah Expo centre plant rooms was paramount. The requirement for fire performance from both sides of the ceiling lining however, ruled out standard fire protection techniques, and technical experts from Gyproc Middle East were called in for advice on achieving the required 60 minutes minimum standard of protection.

The Gyproc team proposed a unique solution based on ShaftWall, a patented system used extensively to provide protection to lift and service shafts and ducts in high rise buildings. Constructed in horizontal format, the system was supported on a framework of 150 I 90 Gyproc metal studs to accommodate the long unsupported 5 metre horizontal spans, and lined with 19mm Gyproc Core Board and a double layer of 15mm Gyproc Fire Stop boards to meet the full one-hour fire rating needed.

The ShaftWall system, which is built from one side only and was therefore ideally suited for the project

High quality installation and detailing of the ShaftWall system was critical to achieving continuous fire protection, and to ensure that contractor INTEX was able to achieve the required standards, Gyproc’s training team arranged a full day on-site training course for the six installers involved, to demonstrate best practice installation techniques, as well as handling and on-site safety.

Gyproc’s technical team then followed up with regular site visits throughout the project to provide technical support and advice throughout the installation period.

The unique solution, using a high performance, lightweight, Gyproc metal frame system, which provided both speed of installation and warranted performance, provides a safe environment for Expo exhibitors and visitors alike, and helped to ensure that the extension would be  completed within a very tight build timetable.

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