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Gyproc secures more hospital projects

A focus on the healthcare sector has brought further successes for lightweight systems manufacturer, Gyproc Middle East, with news that the company’s high performance partition and lining systems have been chosen for Saudian National Guard Health Affairs Specialized Hospitals.

Gyproc reorganized its sales and marketing structure last year to enable it to focus more support and expertise on key sectors, and in October published a series of comprehensive guides bringing together the company’s experience and knowledge in each of the areas, including Healthcare.

The strategy has provided a breakthrough for the company, with its products recently specified in four of the five National Guard new hospital projects targeted by the Gyproc team. The King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital and the Neuroscience and Trauma Centre, both in Jeddah, Riyadh’s Maternity Hospital and the Al Qassim Specialized Hospital, have all chosen lightweight Gyproc systems in preference to heavyweight masonry. The fifth project is still under study.

Gyproc secures more hospital projects

King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital

A full range of Gyproc partition and lining systems have been specified to meet demanding performance standards, including 55dB sound insulation between patient rooms, fire resistance of up to 120 minutes and high levels of impact performance to corridors and other high traffic areas to prevent damage from accidental impacts. The entire lining system also features the company’s latest M2TECH technology to prevent damp and mold growth, and maintain a healthy indoor environment for the young patients.

Systems used include Gyproc QUIET, a high performance twin frame acoustic separating wall capable of achieving up to 63 RwdB sound insulation; the versatile Gyproc CLASSIC partition system, lined to corridor areas with high impact resistant Gyproc Duraline board to provide the strong, robust finish required, and GypLyner UNIVERSAL a cost-effect lining system which will be used for cladding areas of exposed concrete.

As well as working closely with the architects and main contractors throughout the project design and development phases, the Gyproc team are providing on and off-site support throughout the various builds to answer any issues that may arise and to ensure that the Gyproc systems specified can be installed quickly and effectively to meet both the demanding performance standards and the clients tight project completion schedules.

They are also working closely with contractors and distributors to ensure that deliveries, already underway on 3 of the 4 sites, are carefully scheduled to meet the needs of the internal fit-out programme, enabling maximum advantage to be gained from the speed and efficiency of installation of the modern lightweight systems.

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