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The height of innovation

The height of innovation

Already at the heart of many of the world’s tallest and best known buildings, Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s ShaftWall system is one of the most innovative drywall systems ever developed – and now it’s available from Gyproc for the Middle East market.

Ideal for modern fast-build high rise developments, ShaftWall satisfies typical deflection and air pressure requirements for even the most advanced high speed lifts, and provides up to 120 minutes fire performance to support building evacuation.

Its big benefit lies not only in its world-beating performance, but in the fact that it is built from one side only. The protective structure can therefore be installed at an earlier stage in the construction process, as soon as floors and soffits are in place, without the need for expensive scaffolding.

The ShaftWall system is based on high performance Gypframe I-studs installed using a range of specialist Gypframe Angle, Starter Channels and Retaining Channels, and lined with Gyproc CoreBoard and Gyproc FireStop board – all of which are now available from Gyproc.

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