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The unique strength and fixing characteristics of Gyproc’s groundbreaking new Habito plasterboard has made it the number 1 choice for one of the world’s most sustainable residential communities.

Neighbourhood N2R is an integrated live, work and play community comprising two residential blocks, a new office complex, plaza and an underground parking in Masdar City, the showcase ultra-green community currently under construction in the desert outside Abu Dhabi. It is part of a larger 500-unit residential development.

To meet demanding sustainability criteria, optimise build speed and costs, and meet the required standards of fire and acoustic performance, internal partitions and walls throughout the project are being constructed using high performance Gyproc metal frame partitions and lining systems.

For walls between apartments and high traffic corridors, however, the additional requirement for a strong and resilient, Severe Duty lining that would prevent traffic damage whilst enabling heavy shelving, cupboards and other heavy fittings to be installed quickly and simply, led to the specification of new Habito linings.

Gyproc Habito® is a groundbreaking new high strength plasterboard that, as well as offering the speed and cost benefits of drywall construction, can support very heavy weights from simple screw fixings. Unlike standard plasterboard linings, this means that preplanning additional support and fixing frameworks for heavy items is not required and items can be quickly fixed anywhere - and subsequently relocated as needs change.

To ensure that the new boards are fitted quickly and efficiently, Gyproc has so far provided on-site training for 360 installers and has undertaken 130 site visits by installation experts from the company’s Technical Academy and technical support teams to help with detailing and preventing unnecessary delays.

When complete, this outstanding and highly complex project, voted best drywall project in the world for innovation and sustainability in the 2018 Saint-Gobain International Trophy competition, is anticipated to achieve an Estidama Pearl 3 rating and LEED Gold certificate, making it one of the most sustainable of its type ever built, anywhere in the world.

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