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Second Saint-Gobain Gyproc Middle East Trophy 

Aspiring Together” was the title of the extraordinary night of 18 September 2019. The date which marked yet another historic day for the Drywall industry as the 2nd Saint-Gobain Gyproc Middle East Trophy ceremony took place at the famous Sofitel The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai. More than 80 distribution and contracting companies came together to celebrate each other's success in the drylining profession. This year, almost 60 construction developments from around the region, which used Gyproc systems and products, were nominated for the award, ranging from residential, healthcare, hospitality, to commercial, educational, and leisure projects. 

For this tough competition, the projects were judged against a list of criteria, which focused on craftsmanship, the quality of dry-lining workmanship, and the quality of the overall scheme. 

For all that it is, the tagline of this evening is a direct reflection of what this event stands for, to celebrate excellence, innovation, quality and most of all, partnership. 

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About The Trophy Design

Designed specifically for this event, the trophy celebrates gypsum, modernity and craftsmanship all together while giving a nod to the most impressive form of art that has been predominant in this region for centuries: Calligraphy.

In the words of "Gibran Khalil Gibran", the Lebanese writer, 

لفھم قلب وعقل شخص لا تنظر إلى ما حققه بالفعل، بل أنظر فیما یطمح إلیه

To understand the heart and the mind of a person, look not at what they have achieved, but at what they aspire to”, 

These words are carved using the latest laser technologies into metal, which is then, piece by piece, manually polished and painted in Gyproc blue. 

The Diwany Jali, the calligraphy style of choice, was, for a long time, almost exclusively used by master calligraphers as the preferred script for royal decrees, correspondences, badges and ornamentation. The white piece inside the metal frame represents the most valuable material for us, Gypsum, which was cast in custom made molds and masterfully bound to the metal. On the top section of this piece, is the English translation of the Arabic calligraphy. 

The elements of this design, craftsmanship and innovation, culture and modernity, metal and gypsum, are ultimately the elements which we, at Gyproc, live by and celebrate.


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