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Sega's game for Gypfine

Sega's game for Gypfine

Gyproc Gypfine plaster has been chosen to provide the high quality wall finishes required at the new SEGA Republic indoor park in Dubai Mall.

The 76,000 sq. ft. park, with nine major attractions and more than 250 games, is a thrill a minute for the whole family. Achieving the quality of smooth jointless finish demanded for its complex combination of curved plasterboard partitions and tall bulkheads, however, posed a challenge for contractors Al Ahmadiah.

Even minor imperfections in the finish would have been highlighted by the dark paints and intense lighting used to create the distinctive interior environment demanded by SEGA – ruling out more traditional local plasterboard finishing techniques.

The solution was to finish all of the curved areas with Gyproc GypFine BoardSkim, a high performance finishing plaster designed specifically for application to jointed plasterboard backgrounds.

The easy-mix plaster, applied in a single coat, effectively concealed board joints and minor surface imperfections to leave the curved surfaces looking clean and smooth – even when subjected to high intensity glancing light.

The resulting finishes will also stand up to the inevitable knocks and scuffs from the thousands of visitors who pass through the park on a weekly basis, helping to retain the ‘wow’ factor that SEGA have been so keen to create.

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