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Gypframe Eco T

Gypframe Eco T is a high-strength lay-in ceiling grid system suitable to receive edge A and edge E24 ceiling tiles. It is available in RAL 9003*. Suitable for Gyprex Tiles.

*For other colours, please contact Gyproc Customer Service.

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Drawings of Gypframe Eco T components with dimensions


24mm Gypframe Eco T Grid Sections

Galvanised steel sections with a 24mm width precoated cap that provide the main grid components of the exposed suspended ceiling system.

 Product Matrix
  Length (mm) Weight per pc (kg)

24mm Gypframe Eco Main T

3600 0.998
24mm Gypframe Eco Cross T 600 0.146
24mm Gypframe Eco Cross T 1200 0.288


Gypframe Eco T Wall and Shadow Angles

Galvanised steel perimeter track screw fixed to the wall to secure the suspended ceiling system. The shadow angles provide a stepped design border where a premium finish is required.

 Product Matrix
  Length (mm) Weight per pc (kg)
Gypframe Eco T Wall Angle 3000


10mm Gypframe Eco T Shadow Angle



19mm Gypframe Eco T Shadow Angle




Adjustable Hangers

High-strength adjustable steel hangers for suspension of Gypframe Eco T Grid system. It consists of two identical hanger rods (top and bottom) connected by an adjustable clip.

 Product Matrix
  Length (mm) Weight per pc (kg)
Adjustable Clips N/A 0.010
3mm Hanger Rod 750mm 750 0.045
3mm Hanger Rod 1000mm 1000 0.060
3mm Hanger Rod 1500mm 1500 0.090

Technical & Safety Datasheet

Gypframe Eco T Datasheet Cover

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