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Gypframe X Deep Channels - Slotted

Used for retaining Gypframe X studs at ceiling junctions of Steel Framing System (SFS). Gypframe Slotted Deep Channels are designed to use at the head of wall to protect the integrity of walls during building movements by absorbing vertical movement caused by expansion and contraction, without using any additional accessory.

New Gypframe X Deep Channel - Slotted

Product Matrix
Components Length (mm)
104 XDC 12 - Slotted 3000
129 XDC 12 - Slotted 3000
154 XDC 12 - Slotted 3000
179 XDC 12 - Slotted 3000
204 XDC 12 - Slotted 3000
254 XDC 12 - Slotted 3000

Customized lengths based on project requirement
Available in gauge from 1.0mm upto 3.0mm

 Technical & Safety Datasheet

Gypframe X Datasheet


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