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Gyptone Point 11

Gyptone Activ'Air Point 11 are pre-finished plasterboard tiles with round perforations, backed by a special sound absorbent tissue.

Gyptone Activ'Air uses an innovative technology to improve indoor air quality by taking formaldehyde out of the air and keeping it out.

The Activ’Air technology provides for healthier living, learning and working environments.

Key facts

  • Activ'Air can reduce formaldehyde concentrations up to 70%.
  • Takes up to 3kg per tile without any additional support .
  • Tiles available in A, E15 and D1 edge concealed grid system.
  • Easy to install and have a robust surface with high impact resistance.
  • Can be decorated in any colour.
  • Achieves the maximum Class A BREEAM rating.
  • Perforation size - Dia. 6.5mm, cc 15mm
  • Perforated area - 12%


  • The tiles have perforations which together with the acoustic backing tissue provide good acoustic properties; the acoustic measurements meet the requirements of ISO 354.
  • Gyptone tiles are suitable for all standard exposed and concealed grids, either as demountable or fixed tiles.
  • Gyptone tiles should be installed and used in areas with a relative humidity not exceeding 70% for prolonged periods.
  • Gyptone tiles are supplied prepainted white.



Gyproc Activ'Air is an innovative technology that improves indoor air quality by permanently removing formaldehyde circulating indoors.

*12.5mm tiles are not supplied with Activ’Air.

Technical information

Product matrix

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg) Edge type
10 600 600 6.6 E15
12.5 600 600 8 E15
10 600 600 6.6 A
12.5 600 600 8 A
12.5 600 600 8 D2

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