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Buildings have a massive impact on the environment, both in their construction and throughout their life.

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In line with our ambition to become the global leader in sustainable habitat, we have developed Gypsum Forever, a sustainable approach that affects every aspect of our business. Gypsum Forever will minimise the impact of our products and systems on the environment and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions and services to our customers and their clients.

The principles of Gypsum Forever are now firmly embedded at every stage of our product lifecycle, from raw materials sourcing and production, to recycling at the end of the building life, enabling us to participate in Saint-Gobain’s 2010-2025 targets of:

  • 15% reduction in embedded energy
  • 20% reduction in associated CO2 emissions
  • Halving of non-recovered waste
  • 80% reduction in industrial liquid wastewater discharge.

Alongside this, our Internal CARE:4 programme will aim to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions from all of office and services buildings by 75% by 2040.



Our sustainability approach is integrated into every stage of the product life-cycle:

Life Cycle Approach - Sustainable Solutions by Gyproc

Our Commitment

To ensure the success of our programme:

  • We develop new and innovative products with enhanced environmental profile and performance to improve wellbeing and comfort in buildings.
  • We train our people and our customers to build their knowledge on sustainable construction.
  • We talk openly with Green Building Councils and others about our initiatives and promote our solutions for environmental building label certifications, such as LEED.
  • We continually monitor and declare the environmental performance of our products.
  • We develop systems that reduce waste on site and recycle our own internal waste.
  • We work with our suppliers to drive sustainability principles throughout our supply chain.
  • We have a continuous dialogue with customers and other stakeholders about ways in which we can improve comfort, safety, health and wellbeing of building users. 

And finally, we have a worldwide network of local sustainability ambassadors, who share and promote good practice between countries, ensuring we always stay one step ahead. 

Estidama, QSAS, LEED and breeam


Environmental Brochure from Gyproc Middle East

Download our 'Environmental Brochure' - 3.95 MB

Our contribution to ESTIDAMA, LEED and BREEAM points - 61.37 KB

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