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ShaftWall provides a lightweight, fire-resistant structure to protect elements in confined spaces wherever access is limited to one side only. The system provides a protective structure which can be incorporated at an early stage of the construction without the need for scaffolding. The system can also be built horizontally to provide a fire-rated membrane. StairWall is a derivative of the ShaftWall system, which is used to protect stairwells.

Gypwall SHAFTWALL Sketch drawing

Key facts

  • Fully independent wall lining
  • Compatable with external wall constructions including curtain walling, rainscreen claddings, industrial claddings, brickwork and glazed atria
  • Used to line non fire-rated service risers
  • Used horizontally to form a corridor ceiling
  • Satisfies BS 5234 requirements up to and including Severe Duty1
  • Provides fire protection to structural steelwork
  • Provides fire resistance in association with external structure
  • Used to upgrade the sound and thermal performance of an existing masonry wall
  • Provides service void


Due to the design flexibility of GypLyner IWL, this system can be tailored to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.


Commercial Healthcare Residential Hospitality

System components

Installation overview

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